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Technical IT Support

An IT support service agreement makes it possible to keep your outsourced computer network running as smoothly and reliably as when it was first installed. With attention being paid to the correct aspects of your network, down time will be reduced to an absolute minimum.

All our IT support service agreements come with an 11 point activity checklist published by Microsoft designed specifically for your Small Business Server network. This helps to ensure that our Small Business Server installations operate as optimally as possible. These IT services are split into daily, weekly and monthly activities. We call this IT service 'Essentials'.

In addition to this, networks are monitored and managed electronically by means of our Workplace Monitor, ensuring that we know what is happening on our client's networks, sometimes even before they do.

Our IT support service agreements include benefits that will transform your investment in Small Business Server to a genuine business asset, month after month. These include:


  • Critical systems monitoring,
  • Structured deployment of software updates and critical patches to all machines,
  • Alerts when critical events occur (such as internet connection failure, hard drive errors, low disk space, etc),
  • Alerts when hardware is modified (such as the removal or addition of components from a computer),
  • Auditing of installed software,
  •  Assisting in the ongoing software compliance of your business, the
  • Windows and Mac support, and
  • Unlimited support options, to mention just a few.


IT Support and Computer Maintenance Services

With every computer in the business managed in this manner, many typical problems are avoided proactively, users experience fewer problems with their equipment resulting in lower costs of ownership. It is clear that small businesses have access to the type of professional and mature approach to managing their assets that big business has always enjoyed, but at an affordable price.

A Small Business IT support service agreement must be much more than just a block of hours purchased, and it need not cost an arm and a leg. Include our Microsoft volume licensing and save even more on your IT infrastructure.