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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

ProSysCom offers Service Level Agreements (SLA) that caters for both pro-active and re-active situations at reduced costs with preferential response times. If your IT solutions are critical to your business, then let us plan and present an SLA that will suit your requirements and better manage downtime and unnecessary call-outs by being pro-active instead of re-active. The pro-active support includes items like operating system and desktop software updates, anti-virus updates, spyware updates and backup system monitoring.

Our IT SLA service agreement makes it possible to keep your outsourced computer network running smoothly and reliably. With our attention to all aspects of your network your downtime will be reduced to a minimum.

ProSysCom IT SLA support service agreements come with specific tasks to be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual basis. These tasks are specified upfront as a consultation process to ensure the smooth running of the enterprise.

Our SLA agreements include monitoring of the clients Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). This often allows us the opportunity to re-act to a situation before the client even knows about it.

Our SLA will turn your IT infrastructure into an asset instead of being a drain on resources. We include the following in our SLAs:


  • Critical systems monitoring 
  • Auditing of hardware and software 
  • Deployment of software updates and patches
  • Alerts when events occur with parameters for the alerts structured to your infrastructure and requirements
  • Alerts when hardware is modified or added which prevents tampering going undetected
  • Software compliance
  • Many other options that can be structured into your SLA agreement
  • IT Support and Computer Maintenance Services

With every computer in the business managed in this manner, many typical problems are avoided pro-actively; users experience fewer problems with their equipment resulting in lower costs of ownership. Small businesses need to have access to professional services, much the same as large corporates do. With our services you will enjoy the same benefits at an affordable price. 

IT support should be much more than a block of hours purchased on a monthly or quarterly basis. It needs to include all the pro-active components of an SLA as well.