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Backup Media Storage

Data Tape and Media Storage Services

ProSysCom provide Off Site Storage Services for server backup tapes and all other backup media.

Our back up tape and media storage service means that organisations can store their back up tape media in a safe and secure environment, away from their primary operating site.

The types of storage services that we offer include:


  • LTO Tape Storage
  • SDLT Tape Storage
  • DAT Tape Storage
  • Hard drive Storage
  • CD and DVD Storage


ProSysCom's back up tape storage service forms a key part in our Customer’s data back up and Disaster recovery (DR) plans.

Our services are not only limited to IT back up tape and other media storage. We also provide storage services for film and media companies, as we also offer:


  • Digi Beta Tape Storage
  • DVD Storage
  • Digi Cam Storage
  • 35mm Film Storage
  • 16mm Film Storage
  • VHS Tape Storage




Tape Change Service

ProSysCom offer a bespoke tape change service for our clients who host their own servers, at co-location sites or Data Centres.

After an initial onsite training session ProSysCom‘s staff will be able to manage your entire off site tape and media rotation, inserting and ejecting new tapes and then transporting the tapes to our storage facilities.