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Asset Disposal

ProSysCom assist with asset disposal in an environmentally friendly manner to ensure that recyclable components are recycled and other components are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The disposed of assets will also be removed from your asset register.

Asset Tracking & Reporting

Secure PC Disposal

ProSysCom offers leading Computer Recycling services for Corporate, Educational and Government bodies throughout Pietermaritzburg and Kwazulu Natal Midlands. Our highly secure service guarantees:


  • The removal of all corporate identification marks.
  • Compliance with stringent environmental legislation.
  • Minimal Disruption to your business
  •  Trained personnel.
  • Destruction of all Media.


Recycling as a Legal Requisite

Due to the constituent materials used in their fabrication, waste computer monitors, whether CRT or TFT, working or faulty, are classed as hazardous waste. Regulations prohibit the landfill of computer monitors and requires that they are recycled or disposed of safely.

Printer Recycling

ProSysCom offers a quick and painless solution to the recycling of printers, toner cartridges, ink cartridges and associated peripherals. Our ethical service collects and recycles equipment for businesses throughout Pietermaritzburg and Kwazulu Natal Midlands and offers:


  • Cost Efficiency
  • Professional staff
  • An ethical solution
  • Proactive approach to client requirements
  • Pre-arranged booking service


For smaller items such as toners and ink cartridges, clients are welcome to send materials to us for recycling.

Network Hardware

ProSysCom accepts and recycles all networking hardware, from patch cables and fibre cables to routers, switches, hubs and firewalls. No matter the age of the equipment, size or quantity, we can collect, transport and recycle the hardware. Where required, we are able to decommission equipment in-situ, stripping out racks and patch cables, leaving your server room free for a new install.

Server Recycling & Decommissioning

With the ability to store vast quantities of information on a single hard drive, servers offer the potential to retain entire records for a corporation let alone it's associated client base. Stringent control methods should be employed when retiring servers so that data is effectively destroyed.

Our service allows for the removal of and recycling of servers, whether from a small office or an entire data centre. We have the capacity to manage both.