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Server Solutions

ProSysCom supply all leading server brands available in South Africa. These include HP, Dell and IBM.

ProSysCom will assist you with the configuration of your server or servers. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when configuring servers and it is important that they are configured correctly for your environment and the computing and users needs.

Servers are typically setup to run a dedicated service or services to serve the needs of the users or computers on the network.

Typical services run on a server will include the following:- file server (shared and private data), mail server, database server, print server, web server and various applications including bookkeeping and management applications.

Servers often provide essential services across a network, either to private users inside a large organization or to public users via the Internet.

Servers are critical components to a business’s success and can be setup to be virtualised with redundancy and therefore utilise the hardware more effectively.