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Environmental Racks

Environmental Racks have been developed as all in one server rooms built into a cabinet for remote sites, branch offices, or anywhere that the construction of a server room is not possible.

Environment Racks typically have the following features:

  • 43U or 47U cabinet Climate control
  • Automated fire protection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Biometric access control
  • Remote power management
  • Integrated UPS.

Environmental Racks have the following benefits:

  • Cheaper than a server room therefore putting less strain on the IT budget.
  • They are very mobile and can be pre-configured before delivery.
  • Far less space is required.
  • Fully managed with monitoring to avoid any downtime.
  • Very good physical access security.

ProSysCom uses the Rittal and ModRac Environmental racks.