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website Development

ProSysCom recognises that as Internet technologies emerge and continue to influence the way we do business, having a website is simply not enough.  Businesses must conform to and capitalise on this change with the help of a partner committed to positioning clients at the forefront of the digital revolution. ProSysCom provides clients a technologically advanced, search engine friendly website by exercising the ABCs of Internet Success (Advanced Technology, Being Found and Consultation and Education). 


ProSysCom will assess a client’s business needs and opportunities by first doing an internet business analysis process, during which we identify the clients’ competitive advantage, target markets, online/offline marketing initiatives and objectives of an Internet presence. The client’s Internet solution is then customised - using services like consultation, design, domain registration, web development, maintenance, hosting, optimisation, site registration, web statistics and internet marketing - to both reduce business overheads and increase profit. 


Each solution is distinctly built using a modular scalable solution at an economical cost that protects the clients’ investment.

Hosting Packages:

ProSysCom provides web hosting packages with extensive website statistics and a number of additional features to suit a business’ needs. Domain based email addresses are also included in the hosting package, or they can be packaged separately if website hosting is not required.