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Domain Registration

Let us register a domain on your behalf or use our domain registration facility.

Our advanced domain search enables you to check whether a specific domain is available for you to register. If it's available, we will register it on your behalf or you use our online registration system.

For .co.za domains you will need a hosting package before registration as it is a requirement on registration. Please contact us or have a look at our hosting packages page for more information.

Do you need advice on selecting a domain?

Here are a few tips on selecting a domain for your business.

It is very important that you select a domain that suits your business product/s, service/s or business name and is one of the most critical factors. People search for company names or the products and service they offer when using Google.

It is therefore a good idea to try and describe what your business does in the domain name if possible.

People often forget names of businesses and may also read your advert or an opposition’s advert and then search for the product or service they require. Your domain name and website content will assist them to find your business.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Make it suit your business or products and services.

2. Keep it short but meaningful.

3. be able to say your domain name like you spell it.