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Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Use Voice Over IP (VOIP) to reduce call costs. Least cost routing using VOIP can help reduce outgoing call costs by about 30% depending on the call mix and the number of inter branch calls.

Premicell solutions only offer savings to mobile calls and often contractually bind you to contracs in excess of 24 months.

VOIP solutions offer call savings on national, international and mobile calls and are billed on a per second basis which adds to the savings.

We can supply IP based PBXs with extensive configuration options and reporting options to manage your calls.

The VOIP PBX provides for VOIP extensions whether working in a physical environment, a virtual environment or a decentralised environment.

All that is required is a reliable internet connection which can be a cost effective ADSL line, Diginet, Microwave or other reliable internet connection.