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Vodacom MPLS VPN Solution

Target audience

This product is more prevalent in medium to large enterprises due to the levels of guaranteed network performance and security sought by such organisations. Due to the complex nature and cost aspects of the service, the decision to acquire this service normally lies with both the business and technical managers of organisations. The decision to acquire the service is often very lengthy and requires a thorough analysis and investigation of competing offerings from different vendors, based on the service offering, service level guarantees, and pricing.

Typical needs to customers for the service include a cost-effective connectivity solution which offers service guarantees, with the ability to differentiate and prioritise application traffic, and can guarantees security of the customers’ traffic.

The wide implementations and popularity of MPLS VPNs have made it possible for most network managers to fully understand the technology.

Customer Promise

Your own private network connection that will enable you to securely and cost-effectively link multiple sites, locally and abroad, whilst maintaining the highest level of performance for your voice, video and data applications.

Key Features


  • It provides service differentiation which enables different application to be prioritised across the network.
  • Comprehensive management and reporting.
  • Extensive network coverage.




  • Our VPN solution is based on the MPLS technology which enables you to benefit from cost benefits of a share network infrastructure without compromising quality.
  • We will maintain strict separation of customers will ensure that your network maintains its own security.
  • Your applications will be guaranteed a minimum level of performance, which is backed up by strict network service levels.




  • A customer pays a fixed monthly fee for a dedicated amount of amount on a per site basis.
  • The service is differentiated based on the class of service required by the customer, e.g. premium bandwidth with be charge at a premium rate.
  • The customer will also be charged a once-off setup fee per site.


Extra features


  • The service supports most network access technologies, including fixed access mediums to variable mediums.
  • Supports cost-effective secure collaboration between related business entities.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 days network support.


Confidence to buy


  • Your network will be managed by a dedicated team of specialist service managers and qualified network engineers.
  • The service is supported by stringent service level commitments based on network performance and availability.
  • Our state-of-the-art Customer Support Operations Centre is equipped with tools to proactively perform network surveillance and management of your network to give you a peace of mind.
  • Your solution would be designed based on your specific requirements. This is made possible by our team of highly qualified solutions architects.
  • You will be able to monitor the health and performance of your network through our online portal, which also enables you to log and track the status of service requests.