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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow for a business to connect multiple points around the country or around the world. A VPN connection provides an efficient, secure and fast connection between any two points with an internet connection. It also allows employees who travel to connect into the Virtual Private Network using an internet connection they have including hot spots and 3G connections.

A VPN connection is a virtual network that uses connections over internet connections to simulate a private network. The technology connects two points together or single users to a point.

All access is monitored and secured with authentication to ensure that the network is not compromised. Data transmitted over the VPN connection is compressed and encrypted.

Many VPN connections together form a Wide Area Network (WAN) which creates a private virtual network for a business using available internet connections and technology. This network can be expanded very simply by adding more points.

Once the network starts getting to big or un-managable then it is time to move onto an MPLS VPN network. Have a look at our page about the MPLS VPN network options.