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Fibre Internet Connectivity for Business & Home

Fibre internet connectivity is the fastest and most reliable connectivity available.

Fibre does not use the old technology of electrical signals and uses light to transmit data at phenomenal speeds.

Fibre is not susceptible to electrical interference, water and corrosion and is therefore much more reliable than ADSL. It is also not a commodity that has any value for cable thieves.

Fibre is replacing ADSL at a phenomenal rate due to the much better service and speeds as well as very affordable pricing which compares with the traditional ADSL costs involving the copper cable, ADSL enabled line and data costs.

The fibre infrastructure is provided by a number of service providers which gives us many more options in terms using various service providers to get the best service and connectivity, unlike ADSL which is only provided by Telkom. We are all too familiar with pavements and roads being dug up all around the country by the fibre infrastructure service providers to get the fibre connectivity to targeted areas.

ProSysCom uses a number of these service providers to provide the fibre services as well as fibre connectivity data bundles.

ProSysCom will arrange the fibre installation and data packages for you so that you don't need to get involved directly with one or more companies to get the service installed.

With fibre internet you will be able to stream video without buffering which is a huge benefit compared to other services.

Fibre internet can be 100 times faster than your current ADSL line.

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