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Use a Diginet leased line for your business for fast and reliable access between two points or for internet access. This is a premium line for businesses and responses to faults by Telkom are speedy, not like the ‘best effort’ service which applies to ADSL lines.

A diginet leased line is a dedicated circuit which provides permanent connectivity between two points, one of which could be an internet connection. The line provides a high quality digital secure service between two points.

A diginet leased line is a reserved circuit between two points that can span any two points over any distance. You will need to buy or lease customer premises equipment (CPE) such as a router which will maintain the link between the two points.

Diginet leased lines start at speeds of 64 kbps and increase in increments of 64 kbps with costs based on the speed and distance between the two points as well as the length of the contract chosen. There is a fixed monthly rental payable for the service regardless of the amount of data transmitted. 

A diginet leased line is not a shared service like many of the other internet connections and is for the exclusive use of the business.

Due to the fact that you would have a permanent open connection to the internet it would be advisable to use a firewall like the Fortigate range of products we offer.